Thursday, 2 May 2013

Team Build Day

Today we had an excursion for a work. They called it a team build where we spent a day together doing something fun and we got paid for it. Awesome!

We began the day by hopping on a coach bus and heading over to Brooklyn. Our first stop was a place called Gotham Greens which is a rooftop greenhouse. We saw how greens such as lettuce and basil were seeded and then grown with hydroponics. (as in no soil, just water)

We then walked along the rooftop and saw their solar panels used for energy as well as a nice view of Manhattan!

Our next stop was a catered picnic in a park... We had food delivered by Urban Rustic across the street to the little park area where we ate on park tables and benches. The weather was lovely and a few people were starting to go lobster like under the sun. We played a bit of "leader trivia" where we guessed statements that applied to our leaders. 

We then made our way over to an ice cream tasting at Steve's Ice cream. (still in Brooklyn) The security guard at the door wasn't too happy to see us and was taken aback (and showed it through her rudeness) when she saw all 50 of us pile in like a bunch of school kids. And I tell you it was like we were in school as we were all making noise and laughing and blocking the entry. However that did not stop us and we got to taste our ice cream that we were longing for after a long hot day. We tried Salty Caramel, Bklyn Blackout, Mexican Chili Chocolate, Strawberry Ricotta, Cinnamon Coffee and Blackberry Honey. I think the Strawberry was the favourite amongst everyone, but I liked the Bklyn Blackout. (chocolate with chocolate with chocolate)

It was a great day and I got to know the Macedonian girl that works with me a little better which was really nice. Oh and if anybody was wondering who worked whilst we were out having fun- people from other stores of course!


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